Spring Forward – March Update


Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely start to spring, I know officially the clocks don’t go forward for a couple of weeks but with the weather getting slightly warmer, the occasional burst of sunshine and nights getting lighter, summer doesn’t feel too far away and so I’m starting to look forward to some of the exciting things happening over the coming months.

Poynton 2012 Embrace the Games

The working group are meeting regularly to plan an exciting day on the 16th June at Poynton High School and Leisure Centre. Starting with a bike parade from the village centre to the High School, we hope to give you a day filled with sporting activities, climbing wall, cultural stalls, competitions and prizes. We’re also planning on collecting money throughout the day for the Poynton Legacy Fund, which will be used to develop sporting activities in the village.

How can you be involved? We’re looking for community groups to be involved on the day, would you like to have a stall as part of our cultural village? Or could your sporting group run some activities? If so please email me at erica.adkins@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk or leave a comment at the end of this post.

Legacy Video: What do the London 2012 Games mean to you? How will you be celebrating? As part of the event we want to look at creating a legacy film for the 2012 Games, exploring what London 2012 means to people of Poynton. Have you got tickets? What would you compete for if you could? How many gold medals are we hoping for? If you know of a community group doing anything for the Olympics or you’d like to tell us your thoughts, we want to hear from you. We would like to create a video to share with the community to show the build-up to the event, the day itself and what London 2102 means to us. London will not host the games again for a very long time so we think it’s important to celebrate and create a legacy for 2012! If you’d like to be part of our Poynton 2012 Embrace the Games film, contact me and let me know what your group are doing.

Poynton Bike Scheme

I mentioned in my last blog about a bike scheme ion Poynton, this will start with bike marking at events throughout the summer. The idea behind bike marking is by security marking your bike it will deter potential thieves and your bike can be easily traced if stolen. This scheme is being run by the PCSOs in Poynton and supported by the Town Council. Times and dates for bike marking events will be published on the blog, via Twitter and the Town Clerks Pun. If you have a passion for cycling and would like to find out more about how you could volunteer and support this scheme please contact me.


A couple of weeks ago I attended a funding training session, led by Stephen Wright. Information from this, about how funding can be sourced, can be found on the funding page of this blog. Check it out if you are currently looking for funding and if anyone would like support with funding applications please do not hesitate to contact me.

Are you looking for funding for up to, £250 for events, £500 for activities or £3000? Cheshire East has a community funding application, which in the last round had no applications from Poynton! The next deadline is the 1st April, so if you are looking for funding CLICK HERE for more information.

I also recently attended Safeguarding and Child Protection training from the Youth Federation. If you work with children and young people in a voluntary sector or are fresh to a youth work setting and  would like to take advantage of the free training offered by Youth Federation let me know and I will send you further information. Alternatively CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Jubilee Festival

This year Poynton is celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with an Arts Festival. With the long weekend filled with exciting arts activities, they are planning performances in all creative areas including, music, drama, dance, writing as well as exhibitions and artworks in various places around the village. The group organising this event can’t do it alone so they are inviting individuals and groups to submit their ideas to the festival committee.

If you would like to participate or volunteer, please, get in touch with the Poynton Jubilee Committee at info@poyntonfestival.org. Or CLICK HERE to check out their website for further information

Get in Touch

Have a look at the other pages on this blog to see what opportunities, training and activities there are for you to get involved with. I’m also really keen to have some of your stories and events to share and publicise, so if you know of any events coming up or would like to publicise your group please get in touch. I would love to hear more from the community youth groups in Poynton.

Best wishes,

Erica Adkins

Youth Coordinator



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