Recovering from Springboard Poynton + Gearing Up for a New-Look Brecon Park

Hello everybody!

I’ve got a couple of things to talk about today so let’s get into it.

Springboard Poynton: Music For All

Well wouldn’t you know it, Springboard Poynton: Music For All – the newest addition to Poynton’s events calendar – was a big hit!

In the end, the festival featured around 60 performances across 15 venues and received a resounding thumbs up from the hundreds who attended.

Taking place from Friday 26th to Saturday 28th September, the event was designed to showcase local talent while raising money for the Springboard and Town Mayor’s charity, the National Eczema Society. Keep your eyes peeled because we’re looking forward to announcing just how much was raised once all the dust has settled.

Everyone at Poynton Town Council and the Springboard organising committee would like to thank everyone who came along and made the weekend a success. There has already been talk about the next one!

Brecon Park: A New Look!

The Town Council’s Brecon Park is unveiling its new look on Saturday 25th October with a launch event from 10am to 1pm. With the Town Mayor in attendance, this three hour “open day” will also feature hot beverages and tasty treats provided by Poynton’s familiar “Connect” team, as well as face-painting.  Situated on Brecon Close, off Parklands Way near Poynton Fire Station, Brecon Park’s launch event is free to attend and is shaping up to be fun for all the family.

This park is designed for children aged 12 and under, and is set to feature a refurbished swing set, slide and roundabout as well as a new double swing set, “super nova” activity unit, two new springer units, a new multi-play unit to replace its old wooden predecessor and the return of the highly popular zip wire. All this is in addition to the new additional picnic table with wheelchair facility and two new cycle racks.

The revitalised park will also be easier to access for everyone, with replacement surfacing within the park and improved surfacing on the footpath leading to it. There will also be flat access to the main gate for wheelchair and buggy users, and new signs directing people to the park from Park Lane and Parklands Way.

Poynton Town Council has worked hard to make sure that Brecon Park is for the community and inspired by the community, conducting surveys with youngsters in local primary schools to find out what they wanted to see in a park for them. In addition to this, they have maintained contact with a number of interested members of the community, to make sure they are informed, and also to give residents the opportunity to give their views on what was needed.

This project could not have been possible without seed funding from Poynton Town Council and a generous grant of £35,000 from WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental LTD) who are a not-for-profit environmental body registered to fund eligible local community projects.

Poynton Town Council is also now offering further local participation with the “Friends of Poynton Play Areas” initiative. This will be an opportunity for local residents to take pride in and some responsibility for our local play areas, and to report any anti-social behaviour they see taking place, as well as reporting any issues to ensure this important community asset is kept clean, tidy and safe for those who use it. Anyone interested in joining the “Friends of Poynton Play Areas” is asked to contact Poynton Town Council on 01625 872238.

That’s it from me, so I’ll leave you with this:

Bye for now!


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