We Need You!

Detail for clubs and groups you can get involved in or support…

  • 3rd Poynton Scout Group Needs Your Help! Can you spare one hour a week to save the group form closing. The group need one assistant beaver leader and two assistant club leaders to stop the group from having to close at the end of March. If you think you can help Nigel Ward would like to hear from you ASAP on 01635 402212
  • Friends for Leisure in Poynton – we are a Cheshire East charity who support young people with disabilities who want to access leisure and friendship. We recruit volunteers from 15years old, and offer training in communication, disability awareness, safeguarding . Volunteers would spend time as a friend with a disabled young person, accessing local leisure activities follow the link to find out more.
  • SPACE4AUTISM is run by parents/carers for a place to meet people in the same position as themselves, to share experiences and knowledge. The group is relaxed and friendly; it is open to all carers of people with ASC who feel that meeting others would help them. Check out their website or click on the link for info about the groups that they run Information about space4autism.
  • Poynton First Scouts are looking for new members, see their website HERE or to have a look at their flyer – CLICK HERE
  • Who says that football is just for Men! Lostock Ladies football club are looking for more membersThis is an opportunity to increase your levels of fitness, have fun and if you are up for it, try your hand at learning some football skill! Open to women aged 15 – 50, Lostock Rangers are offering two community based schemes: Fit for Football and Ladies Football. With the emphasis on personal fitness and team work, Fit for Football is your fun way to get fit! This format is especially suitable for those women that want to increase their fitness with the aim of joining a team and playing football.

If you’d like to publicise a group contact me.


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